And you thought ICANN rules were obscure

Any .IN registrars have further insight on this? This seems absolutely mad to me, how on earth would a registrar even try to enforce this in any sensible way…

What “national security concerns” could they possibly be worried about with multiple domains?!?

Are NIXI going to be providing a way to lookup if a given registrant already has domains registered with another registrar, or will this be a per-registrar limit?

This seems dumb and unworkable on so many levels!

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They gave a presentation about this at the last ICANN meeting in one of the two ccNSO sessions.
It’s from slide 25 onwards here:

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That adds some interesting context, but doesn’t seem to explain how limiting number of domains per person is a solution?

It’s not at all hard for someone with malicious intent to simply register domains using fake/stolen contact details - so I’m struggling to see how this isn’t just harming legitimate registrants with only a tiny impact on abuse/security?

Oh you’re still at the “ccTLD policies should make sense” stage
Awww :slight_smile:

Even by ccTLD standards it seems particularly unenforceable :joy:

It’s enforceable.
It’s impractical
It’s unworkable
and it’s not that hard to circumvent if you want to
But it’s not atypical of the kind of stuff that’s all too common with some of the less sane ccTLDs