Hostmasters.UK goes public

Very interesting development going somewhat under the radar. Or have I missed the announcement?
It’s probably beneficial to make this forum public for the wider IT community and the success of the site going forward.
The historic topics seem to be private still, only accessible to those registrar members, so it’s a bit of a hybrid I suppose

My bad, I started making the changes and then somehow lost the long post I was drafting on this… (I blame being sick and somehow clicking the wrong thing)

I’ll expand later, but in brief:

  • Moved private categories under ‘Nominet Members’ – This is still private and restricted in the same way before.
  • Added some public categories
  • Signup now open - anyone can register and use the PUBLIC categories, private categories still need me to add them to the relevant group(s) – Invite your friends! :wink:
  • Added some new private categories for Web Hosts / Domain Registrars [ I’ve popped some of you in those categories, not all by far, and will fully review that and provide details on how to ‘apply’ for access to those private forums.
  • domain change from > – This should be relatively seamless and all previous links should redirect (DO SHOUT IF NOT!) – I did notice this may have broken 2fa when the domain changed, will PM the couple of people who had this enabled to resolve that
  • Adding features, most obviously y’all have some santa hats right now :santa: hoho hoho

I’ll get a full post with details and future plans for when I have some time in the next day or so, as always, feedback welcome - the main goal is to create a community for all of us industry wonks and try and recapture some of the WHC spirit (for those of you who remember that).


If we wanted a similar thing on we probably would need a working group, a couple of UKRAC meetings and at least one Board meeting to sign it off, so we better start planning now if we want them implemented in time for the next holiday season :stuck_out_tongue:

No comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was worried for a second, then realised, “Nah, Dan won’t have made old posts public”. Good idea opening it up to the wider stakeholder community.

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Absolutely, frankly I’d rather delete the forum than betray that trust! :slight_smile:

Worth noting the padlock on categories indicates when they’re restricted so anything without a padlock will end up public and in search engines.

Anyone who’s worried or wants clarity feel free to ask or PM me directly.

Best wishes with your development plans, Dan. I agree with all, that public access to posts uploaded on the understanding that they were private would be a total betrayal of trust, but you already recognise that.