Blockchain Domain Names - here to stay or blockchain fad?

I’ve been seeing more and more about blockchain domains… are they actually likely to take off or just another blockchainerisation fad?

Hard to say, but at this stage, I would say that it is just a fad. This may change if these domains are natively integrated into each major browser, but for as long as these domains will need a plugin to work, they will not gain mass appeal.

HN domains degenerated into a total scam a long time ago, wasn’t well thought out and is something between a ponzi and a shakedown now

Some of the “repurposing” tlds maybe have a future, but it’s all a bit buy-now, business-plan-in-future

If there was a proper re-think of distributed db with an actual “management/committee” without the icann-bloat but still certain protections, proper browser / app support and so on then it would have a place, but needs tech & domain people to plan it out rather than crypto pump and dumpers

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That’s basically the conclusion I’ve come to as well, why would you buy some obscure “tld” for the same price as a .com which doesn’t work for 99.999999% of your potential users still baffles me slightly.

I suspect it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation though, ICANN won’t give away its power, and it won’t succeed without ICANNs support.

I do wonder what the GDPR implications might be as well though? Admittedly my knowledge of blockchain is mostly superficial but if it’s storing the history, and a domain is sold does that not mean previous owner/NS info in some form is forever public?

Essentially it is a bet that it might have more functionality in the future. Paying once only without renewal fees can be quite attractive.

You’re right about the browser support, but it is a very low hurdle to pass.
Once two major browsers integrate it, others will have to follow and these could take off.

As far as I understand the owner listed on the chain is just a public key hash, so completely anonymous. I’m sure the EU will have plenty say about that with their NIS2 shenanigans.

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If that was the case I might see the point, although it looks like many offering these are charging yearly…

I doubt these could be free of ongoing charges, there is a cost to maintain an infrastructure.

Handshake TLDs are bought using a very scam oriented auction method, and so “.pgp” (or more specifically HN$/pgp) has an “owner” - the subdomain-ish things under that only exist as long as the people with the pseudo tld want them to - which is upto the day the do-lars stop funding the pyramid